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Road Diary
on tour with moe.
by John Derhak

"You wanna do the moe. blog?" That was the question asked of me. The Road Diary had been sitting there static on moe.'s website for some time when Al Schnier and moe.'s old road manager, Skip Richman, called me aside in the green room. We were at the State Theater in Portland, Maine, getting ready for night 3 of a 4 night run over New Year's. That was December 30, 2012. Considering I had just survived the "End of the World" the week before, I was feeling okay.

"Here's the deal," Al said to me. "We want you to interview the 3 winners of the '6th member of moe.' contest-put it on the blog." True. That contest was a big deal. Out of the hundreds of fans who sent in a video of themselves playing along to their favorite moe. song, 3 solid musicians, one each night, were selected to play a song with moe. over the New year's run. Provided the Mayan Calendar was off by at least a week. "After you do those interviews," Al continued, "you can do whatever you want with the blog, write whatever you want."

Hmmm, I'm thinking. This could be fun. So I said, "Yes." After New Year's, I went ahead and interviewed the 3 winners. A nice, enjoyable and thoughtful exchange for posterity. Then, for the next 18 months I did just that--I turned the Road Diary into a moe. travelogue of sorts. I wrote vignettes from the road about what I observed of the human condition, the towns and cities, and the music of moe. and their affable fans--that endearing subspecies, the moe.ron. It only ended when moe.'s management revamped the website and 86'd the blog, among a few other pages, as a new "cost effective" strategy (at least they didn't tell me to my face they had had enough of my ranting).

Alas, it was a good run. I had and have no complaints. Below is a sampling of some of the blogs. The remainder are archived in the bowels of a digital storage bin by moe.'s webmaster. On the upside, in the near future they are to be published as a whole. Stay tuned for that. For now, here's a quick trip down memory lane…

January 2013, The Interviews

Winter Tour 2013, First Road Blog: "Goodbye sunshine, hello winter tour"

Winter Tour 2013, Entry IV: A Midwest Flurry (or Adventures in Red Plaid, Part 2)

Winter Tour 2013, Entry VII: Winter Tour Breaks and the Day of the Presidents

Summer Tour 2013, Entry III: A Quick Dip South

Summer Tour, Entry IV: Rolling Along From NC to Colorado

Fall Tour, Entry II: I'm really Keene on this place!

December Run, Entry III: Bloggidy Blog